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Restaurant Interior Design Cost (Singapore)

When it comes to the renovation cost for a restaurant, it depends on the trustworthiness, workmanship, the required ambience and design, timeline, project management skills and the overall size of the restaurant.

Before you sign on the dotted line to assign to the Interior designer and project management company to proceed to the design and renovation. It may be a good idea to read the general guide or rule of thumb first.

A simple rule of thumb of the common restaurants is to separate the costing item between

  1. For the front house (dinning area, store front, and including all customer area)
  2. For the kitchen area, should generally be about one-third of the whole area.

As business owners, you look at the benefit of the project management and the challenges.

Here are some of the reasons:

With a proper experience project manager, you need not worry about

  1. when apply for the permit
  2. what do you need to do to ensure that you pass the SCDF fire safety standard? Say the city gas, exhaust requirement, fire extinguisher, emergency exit, etc
  3. when works should start first? Should it be the flooring first or the wiring of the aircon first and installation later?
  4. which contractors are trustworthy? Are they doing the proper job?
  5. how do you inspect the quality of work?
  6. Any how to built for special design requirement
  7. Also, is there any innovative solution to complete faster or ontime?

When talking to an Interior Design company, you would like to find out what do they offer? – How is their project experience? – How many successful projects? – Interview them to learn more?– Ask for a proposal.– And always have more in-depth discussion

You are also encourage to contact our International Award-winning Interior Designers at JP Concept for a no-obligation discussion to see how we can help you in your new restaurant. Meantime, check out the following restaurants and cafe designs by JP Concept.