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Hospitality Interior Designs

Get the Best Hospitality Interior Design In Singapore

A well-planned and organized space is key to any business you are in. Thus, allow JP Concept to elevate your bar, cafe, hotel, or restaurant with lavish yet functional Hospitality Interior Design in Singapore. We work in tandem with our architects, manufacturers, and contractors to make sure the architectural elements and physical structures align with your identity & business requirements.

As one of the highly experienced, skilled and competent team of experts, we design hotels, luxury resorts, and many other hospitality infrastructures to improve the guest experience while maintaining your key business requirements.

With a holistic and simplistic design philosophy, JP Concept believes in an honest approach to design and strives to ensure that our company provides its clients with exquisite design and excellent quality service.

With the best technical expertise, international experience, dedication, and passion, we have a demonstrated ability to execute and sustain projects to meet the client’s needs and budget. The whole process from designing to execution, each step is taken meticulously to make sure your vision is perfectly transformed into a reality. Our company’s interior designers have years of experience in how the hospitality industry operates. Hence, choose JP Concept – the leading Hospitality Interior Designer Company in Singapore, and get incredibly functional and welcoming spaces with distinctive elements that perfectly showcase your brand.


Hospitality Interior Design


Hospitality and tourism industry has a broad categories of fields within the service spaces that includes food and lodging services, entertainment, event organising, and more. Therefore, hospitality interior design deals with hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, lounges, spas, fitness clubs, theatre, swimming pools, and many more. With the huge varieties and complexity, the whole project design work requires more coordination, experience, attention to details. The design considerations may includes concept, the space, the theme, the planning, functionality, the human interphase and the congruency to match overall environment. This generally meant a good project system and an experience project manager to put his or her mind on the scope, budgets, and chain of activities through systemic approach.


When it comes to Hospitality Interior Design Project Management (whether it is the lounges, conference rooms, restaurants, pools, main receiving halls, hotel rooms, restaurant, …), JP Concept uses the 4-step A.D.D.I. systematic process (Analysis-Design-Develop-Implement) as the basic flow for successful execution.


JP Concept starts with good communications and understanding the requirements and the existing design in relation to the projects. Depending on the project size, we select the project team with relevant experience. Generally, for hospitality, our team includes designers, developers, architects, contractors, M&E, quantity surveyors, engineers, and any other specialists as required.


Analysis Phase

To streamline the communications, our hotel clients only need to with our assigned project leader to covey the needs and any changes. He is then the main go-to-person you with the team of professionals. With the design specifications, our team perform further analysis in greater details and including perform the feasibility studies based on the required timeline.


Design Phase

At the design phase, we provide a few concepts for selection presentation. With the broader stroke, after the clients’ selection of the main theme design. This usually includes the computer generated 3D design and model for more precise concept visualisation. At times, we would do a scale down mock up of the layout.


Development Phase

At the development phase, we place emphasis on the critical success factors and risk matrix from implementation and work safety perspectives. With the identification of the critical path, we work in agreement with our clients on the final timeline.


Implementation Phase

For better visual management, our project coordinator monitor the progress and using kanban colour code to track on the Gantt chart. With our experience, we have worked with ready teams of contractors and also, have a pool of alternative backup suppliers to ensure risk is minimised. Any variation orders are also handled accordingly.


From a scope of work perspectives, we are able to provide:

1. Strategy and Concept

2. Brand Development

3. Interior Architecture Design

4. Operational Space Planning & Schematic Diagram

5. Design Documentation

6. Bespoke Furniture, Lighting and other Accessories

7. Art & Sculpture, Landscaping Works Consulting.


In summary, Our award winning teams seeks excellence in all our creations to our clients’ satisfaction for their hotel branding, culture setting, operational efficiency. The concept realisation shall be as closely to the design visions with through specifications, prototyping, proofing and timely execution. Alongside providing a full range of professional interior design services, our clients may choose on what they need. This may includes consultancy, concept development, space planning, working drawings, tender drawings and analysis, project management, restaurant renovations, and 3D perspectives.


When you need a reliable support project team or have a hospitality interior design project whether in Singapore or overseas, do feel free to contact us for more detailed discussions.