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Luxury Residential Interior Designs :

When it come to luxurious home design, in order to come up with the best design, it is definitely on achievable through understanding the expectations of the owners. Other than selecting the theme of minimalist, zen, european, asian, romantic, extravagance, sea-view, fengshui or just a richly warm family love, one key to a successful project to designing and renovation a homely is to anticipant and meet the needs of the family.

For example, with young children, we put in the more kids friendly design with furniture of rounded corners. With older grandparents, perhaps you need gentle slope ramp for ease of movement. If the owner also like a simple bar, have antiques and drawings where an artistic art gallery adds to the touch, lady chef always like a modern design with asian cooking, all these are unique to your family and yourself.

Or when you love a private pool, perhaps a palm or coconut tree can bring you more interesting hotel home feel and suitable for poolside party. It is not difficult that to know that JP Concept designers put in more emphasis to understand your needs before we can give you the proposal. You are welcome to explore our outstanding Residential Interior Design and feel free to contact our residential interior designer for a discussion.