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Cost of Interior Design Services

Cost is certainly one of the considerations in the selection of a Interior Designers whether you are planning to renovate your retails outlet, office, or restaurants, cafes, house, flats, condos, GCB, or bungalows. And you might have notice that Interior design services fees can varies quite significantly between different vendors.

What could have cause the variation in the professional fees?

The charges are influenced by factors such as the scope, design, timeline, cost methods, brand & reputation. In a very simplistic view for the scope of work, for example, a new unit design for homes can give the designer more creativity as compared to hotel restaurants that needs to blend to the overall hotel design.

In the design complexity to cater to the needs of its users, using the home as an example, a rustic, zen, personalised needs (for extra storage, more living space, mobility needs, pets space, intelligent house, fengshui, etc) and safety considerations (injury prevention for children, anti-slip requirements, security monitoring, …) can be very different.

The costing methods and may serve as a guide or idea and being informed of the options is a good place to start.

  1. Flat Fees is a commonly used method the work involved when there are no architectural needs. In laymen terms, the scope of work is more straight forward. An interior designer quote a flat fee for the services based on your requirements and project size. Do check out on contract to list clearly what would be included, along with how many revisions are available and the project completed date. The Flat Fees method is also more accept to most clients where make it easy for budget allocation.
  2. Per Square Foot Method is the fee structure has the size of the project determine the interior design cost. An example: a 10,000 square foot property with 6,000 square feet of exterior space that is being billed at $6 per square foot, would have an interior design fee of $96,000. Dealing with larger spaces, this is generally the structure used for hospitality and commercial projects.
  3. Daily / Hourly Rate – In this charging model the amount is proportional the the time taken and work done. When the designer expects a lot of changes especially when the idea and concept is very much undefined by a client. Total Fees = Designer Rates x Time Spend (day / hours)

Finally, as a client, you need to ask yourself, which factors are important to you and the pricing that you find it worthwhile to pay for:

  1. Unique Design or more commonly available design
  2. Reputable and Branded Company / Designer
  3. Project Time line (normal or short)
  4. Project Management: Schedule, Quality, Safety, Resources, Coordinations, …
  5. Peace of the mind (security)
  6. Your Budget
  7. Any other considerations in the contract terms

The best pricing is one that meets most or all of your needs.

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