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Each restaurant with the right ambience can give just the perfect atmosphere for the dinners to enjoy their food. As dining is no longer just a feast to the stomach, it is also a pleasing appeal to the eye. Therefore, having a suitable interior design can give additional point to your customers. Since the dining culture may not be just a lifestyle, it is also the art of enjoyment. JP Concept brings out the best for your Japanese restaurant design. Here a few of project by our award-winning designers.


Tatsu Sushi

With the display of wine and traditional japan display of skills in front of the customers, Tatsu Sushi is an Authentic Japanese dining. A Theme Japanese Sushi and Teppanyaki Theme-based restaurant interior design by JP Concept

Bam! Tapas Sake Bar

With large modern art picture and traditional black and with Japanese Geisha Photos is certainly an indication that BAM! is an Innovative Restaurant with its pairing of Spanish and Japanese cuisines. The setting fits closely with original style of tapas that is designed to be enjoyed with sake.

Goshin Japanese Restaurant

Goshin Japanese Restaurant is an authentic Japanese zen design with transparent display of simplicity. Here, you can expect a tantalising collection of dishes that are suitable for friends and family.

Oushin Steakhouse

There are nice culture rich photos as well as a feel of clean luxury mouth watering and tasty premium Japanese beef in an elegant Japanese dining setting in Oushin Steakhouse.

Shabu No Koya

The wooden classic wood with large window and tungsten yellowish lighting give Subtle Shabu No Koya a luxurious feel for the customers. Don’t you love the extravagant deluxe feel, too?

Black Ramen

The combination or Red, White and Black form the tone for spicy Black Ramen with professional tempura store front at Great World City.


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