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JP Concept have handled several Italian Restaurant Interior Design and each having their own theme and flavour. From the sign, the view, the bar, the architecture, each project design are treated as “new” in order to give the freshness in the art, space and kitchen concept.

The following are simple theme descriptions of our the Italian Restaurant Interior Design.

Forlino Italian Restaurant

Restaurant interior design for Forlino design has a series of gold flowering wall and white cabinet displaying classy culinary Italian culture. This gives a deep feel of European culture and yet with the large glass panel, the whole modern Singapore skyline is clearly visible as well.

ilLido Italian Restaurant

IlLido is a fine Italian dining design with mirrors, curtains and sea view seats. Great sea viewing is built into the our interior design to add romance to the ambience.

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar has a contemporary and hip design providing a modern elegant stylish atmosphere for social gathering.

Osvaldo Ristorante Italiano

Simple and neat Italian restaurant with round hanging lamp and italian design furniture immerse diners in deep Osvaldo Ristorante Italiano’s culture.

Bonta Italian Restaurant

The atmosphere of Northern Italian design of checks soft clothes cushioning and warm lighting give the customers a comfortable dining experience.

La Braceria

The fire place and reddish wooden color with white table cloth gives La Braceria Restaurant interior design a classic European dining experience.


Clear segregation design to cater to group, couple, and relax dining according to Zaffiro’s customer needs. Although there is both warm brown and white and black clean slick design, the overall atmosphere maintains a smoothing pleasing blend of colors

il Lido Wine and Tapas Lounge

Restaurant interior design for il Lido Wine and Tapas Lounge with a clear theme of relaxation. The clear theme of Wine Selection and Tapas (and other finger foods) is visually pleasing to their patrons. Another brilliant design by JP Concept.

Now, many owners appreciate viewing the actual portfolio a second time after reading the theme.