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JP Concept have leaded the interior design teams to complete several Chinese restaurants to perfect completion with varying creative theme and architecture that bring our the uniqueness in each restaurants. The overall ambience is built upon with colours, material selection, furniture choice, lighting and net blending effect when combining them together. The following are just some examples of Chinese restaurants interior created for different atmosphere

Hatten Chinese Restaurant Interior Design

A relaxing classic Chinese Restaurant with Imperial yellow setting in a Hatten Hotel overseeing the beautiful scenery of skyline. In a simple sentence, it is a “Sumptuous and Splendid Theme Design”.

Peach Blossoms Cantonese Restaurant Design

In this Hong Kong style restaurant design, you are welcome to a Dim Sum environment with traditional pottery and china with flowery carpet and carving of Chinese blind. Here, at Peach Blossoms restaurant, you can expect to find Traditional Cantonese cuisine, and Creative Dim Sum with a modern twist.


Imperial Treasure – A Fine Chinese Restaurant Design

Imperial Treasure Restaurant has a traditional fine Chinese Cuisine expression with basic theme of teak wood colour for wall and furniture. You can expects classic feel for the perfect humble noodle. What a consistent themed design of the food served and the dining environment.


Claypot Fun – Restaurant Interior Design

The minute a customer walked in, it was as if he was transported back to the past, in the 60s, 70s. The place is really retro, ranging from the wall pictures, furniture and the utensils used. One can expect a good Mixture of Chicken & Sausage Claypot and other good old claypot style ready for you. The high back cushion chairs give the customer a sense of private space and this can also isolate the noise level. This is good for family and group gathering.

For more designs and concepts, check out our portfolio.